2017 Camp

2017 Camp – Thursday!

The 2017 Omaha Chess Camp is winding down, but not before we get just a little more fun and learning in.

Today US Chess rated expert and NE State Championship contender Nathan Klatt came to visit, and he took on 9 of our campers in a simultaneous exhibition. Our state HS champ Nick Lacroix played 8 campers in a separate exhibition match. All of this is designed to get us ready for our official US Chess sanctioned and rated tournament on Friday!

Three pictures today, and then, as always, some video:

Today’s video highlights:

2017 Camp – Monday!

The 2017 edition of the Omaha Chess Camp got off to a great start today! Brownell-Talbot is proving to be a great site, and our campers are revved up and raring to go! Here are some pictures and videos from today’s events.

And, for good measure, two videos!